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This guide will assist you as you begin Chiropractic research.

Develop Your Topic

Before you develop your research topic or question, you'll need to do some background research first.

Some good places to find background information:

  • Your textbook or class readings
  • Encyclopedias and reference books
  • Credible websites
  • Library databases

Try the library databases below to explore your topic. When you're ready, move on to refining your topic.

Find Background Information:



     This is based off of the characteristics of a population, with examples of variables being age, race, and gender, with a set of specific condition or set of circumstances. 

I-Intervention or Interest

      This variable would be a treatment, diagnostic test, or therapy.

C-Comparison Group

     This is the comparison treatment to the intervention selected. The comparison may be with another medication, another form of treatment such as exercise, or no treatment at all otherwise known as a control group.


     What would be the desired result, and what result is not desired? What is your goal with this research? Outcomes should be measurable.


P: Patients with Lower Back Pain

I: Massage Physiotherapy 

C: Placebo/Usual Care/Acupuncture/Mobilization etc.

O: Reduction in Lower Back Pain


  • Start with the population, and the intervention in your search first.
  • A comparison is not always included in a PICO Analysis.

Now that you've done some background research, and thought of your PICO question, you might need to troubleshoot your topic if you do not find any results.

The easiest way to do this is to change the variables in your PICO question.

For our question, refining the outcome would be the best area to address. What symptom of PCOS would be addressed, or defining a specific age group as well in population.